Reflection: Routines and Procedures Introducing Workshop Model - Section 4: Closure


Most of the students explained being happy about having a routine in class.  However, many students explained concerned about the conferences.  One students said, "I think it's weird you want to have one-on-one conversations with us and it makes me uncomfortable."  And another, "I just want to come in, get my work, do it and leave."  These are common concerns from students and I understand them.  I don't expect them to dive right in and wear an I Love Workshop button.  I realize the year is long and is full of ups and downs.  These two students are skeptical and nervous about a classroom that looks differently than others they have had.  However, I believe so much in teaching the standards through the workshop model that I am standing firm in those routines and procedures.  

  Students are nervous!
  Routines and Procedures: Students are nervous!
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Introducing Workshop Model

Unit 1: Setting the tone for a great year
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Objective: SWBAT respond thoughtfully making new connections in light of reasoning presented by listening to a lecture on the Workshop Model and responding to a prompt.

Big Idea: Can high schools benefit from workshop style classroom?

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