Reflection: Modeling Reading to Identify with Juliet and Creating Book Trailers for Independent Reading Texts - Section 3: Book Trailers


Before today, students knew that they would be creating movie trailers based on their outside read choices, but it was an abstract idea. They were excited about it-- mostly because it sounds much more fun than writing an essay-- but they didn't really understand what it would look like. Their excitement level rose exponentially today, all because of the great example video. The model highlighted how creative they can be with this project because they can design it however they want.


The beginning of a project can be so fun to watch because you get to see what excites kids: is is picking the music or the pictures? Some are really excited about doing their own filming and "hiring" their friends as actors. Ultimately, this project is a lot of work-- arguably just as much as an essay-- but they don't see it that way, at least at this point, which is so important to witness. Students can be motivated and work hard, without even knowing it.

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Reading to Identify with Juliet and Creating Book Trailers for Independent Reading Texts

Unit 15: Romeo and Juliet Act 2: Analysis of Character and Tension
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text and interact with each other by working to identify with Juliet and the situation. SWBAT provide an objective summary of the text by creating movie trailers for their outside reading choices.

Big Idea: I have what you want. How are you going to get it?

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