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Using an outline format to help students organize their report is a great tool for differentiating. Students who need more support can write less words as they differentiate. Students who are more skilled at writing and organizing can work on topic sentences. Of course, I could have also introduce the idea of why we choose to certain topics to write about vs. others. For example, I can make the region of Vietnam seem really fun by just organizing my writing aroudn the things that people enjoy eating, doing, and how they live or I could describe it as a very place full of nature by talking about how few people live there, the wild animals and the diverse flora. Also, the worksheet is helpful for students who need structure when organizing their writing. For a few students who had more that 3 or 4 paragraphs worth of information, I encouraged them to either use another worksheet or just recreate it on a separate page in their journal.

  Differentiating with a Resource
  Intervention and Extension: Differentiating with a Resource
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Putting it All Together: Making an Outline

Unit 3: World Culture Research Project
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Objective: SWBAT create a outline to draft out a report.

Big Idea: Students use an traditional outline to organize their information and main ideas before drafting.

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