Reflection: Unit Exams Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond Assessment - Section 3: Summarize Data


This unit and assessment address some skills that are not specific kindergarten standards under the common core.  I believe that I have an obligation to stretch my students by exposing them to instruction that will prepare them for future math learning in first grade and beyond.  I feel comfortable in doing this since my students have mastered so many of the kindergarten standards. 

It is important that we step outside the world of our kindergarten standards and look vertically for how we can prepare students to be successful after they leave our classroom.  This requires getting familiar with standards of other grade levels.  Often times, teachers cannot express what is covered in subsequent years.  I believe it is a professional obligation to familiarize ourselves with the standards of all grade levels so we can help prepare our students for what lies ahead and also engage in thoughtful conversations about math instruction.  Once you know your standards, I encourage teachers to look ahead and think about instruction and vocabulary that will help students be successful in the years to come. 

  Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond Assessments
  Unit Exams: Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond Assessments
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Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond Assessment

Unit 6: Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to work with numbers 0-20 and greater.

Big Idea: The students have had the opportunity to work with numbers in many different ways. It is now time to assess the learning that has taken place!

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