Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Analyzing Theme in the story Sniper. - Section 2: Building Knowledge


Background knowledge is important when reading a story about a particular subject or topic which may be unfamiliar to the students. This power point was given to me by a history teacher who was excited to find information on the subject and story. To make the information more accessible to all my students, I made a few adaptations to the presentation. 

"The Sniper" takes place in Ireland during their civil war over British rule. Setting and conflict are two important elements of fiction and drive the story's theme.  Students were not familiar with this period of history and I wanted them to have a background understanding so that they could engage more deeply in the story.

Reviewing the meaning of vocabulary words such as fanatic and remorse addresses the reading standard for analyzing the cumulative impact of specific word choices on the story's meaning and tone.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Background Knowledge
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Analyzing Theme in the story Sniper.

Unit 3: Short Fiction: Back to Basics
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the theme which develops over the course of the story "The Sniper," by "chunking" theme, plot, and characterization.

Big Idea: How the use of "chunking" helps all students analyze a story by identifying theme, plot, and characterization.

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