Reflection: Multiply and Divide by 10 - Section 1: Warm Up with a Journal Response


One thing I was surprised by is that some students still thought that using a division or subtraction equation with a related multiplication or addition problem was the Commutative Property.  It was a great conversation and took us a little longer, but with pictures and discussion we were able to better understand the property vs. fact families.

  Commutative Property Vs. Fact Family
  Commutative Property Vs. Fact Family
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Multiply and Divide by 10

Unit 10: Fluency to Automoticity
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to identify patterns in the multiples of 10 and represent and solve multiplication and division problems with 10

Big Idea: Counting by 10's is easy for students of this age. Knowing that base 10 can be used to help multiply and divide in the higher numbers by decomposing is critical. This lesson sets the base for future work.

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