Reflection: Conferencing Building Reading Endurance: Repetitions and Patterns, Contexualize, and Compare and Contrast - Section 3: Student Work Time


In one class,small group conferences did not go well.  At all.  I'm not sure if it was the group dynamic of kids or if I didn't explain the process well, but it was a fail.  Students didn't want to work, they didn't want to share their thinking and I'm not sure they got anything out of it.  So, what do I do?  Well, tomorrow, I need to do some role playing these conferences.  

  Conferring in small groups
  Conferencing: Conferring in small groups
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Building Reading Endurance: Repetitions and Patterns, Contexualize, and Compare and Contrast

Unit 1: Setting the tone for a great year
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze a text's structure, diction and societal context by using reading strategies.

Big Idea: Why is it so important for students to view literature through another lens?

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