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As I looked over student work, I noticed two groups did not complete their reasoning for their opinions on the two essential questions.  This makes me think the problem was do to low group cohesiveness and lack of group jobs.  It would have only taken a few minutes to brainstorm with the students jobs for everyone in the group.  There was already a materials person, so the groups needed roles such as: a leader, time keeper, quality work/completion Analyst , and scribe.

I believe it is important to have individual accountability with in a group activity so that everyone participates and contributes.  The Quality work/Completion Analyst for example would be responsible for writing down the names of students who did not contribute a reason for the opinions.

  Student Grouping: Monitoring Student Group Work
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Ignite The Passion

Unit 9: Historical Fiction- American Revolution
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively in their small group to form opinion and state reasons on the two essential questions for the role play.

Big Idea: Abolish Slavery? Return Runaways? Who should Vote in the New Nation: Women? Free African Americans? Indentured Servants? Slaves?

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