Reflection: Diverse Entry Points The First Day of High School: "This is Me in Grade 9!" - Section 3: Small group controversy



This introductory lesson will be assessed through class discussion and through the students’ written work on the idea sheet. 



I am not ready to differentiate yet for this class, but I will be taking very careful observational notes on students who seem to have gaps or may seem to be left out socially. 

  Beginning to differentiate
  Diverse Entry Points: Beginning to differentiate
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The First Day of High School: "This is Me in Grade 9!"

Unit 1: Constructive Controversy -- Oral and Written Argumentation
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT engage in collaborative, constructive controversy through spoken and written argument.

Big Idea: Here's a great way to start your year--with a little bit of controversy and a lot of fun.

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