Reflection: Student Ownership Creating a Summer Review Packet (Day 2) - Section 1: Warm Up


I think many teachers may feel that students must have mastered concepts in order to be classroom experts.  I was one of those teachers, before I began this project.  

Now I understand that all students can be experts at all times, because they just need to communicate their thinking and strategies in order to help another "think". 

When I ask students if they need help, and I know there is another in the room that had the same  struggle, or found an interesting way to approach a situation, I make that student the expert - even if the answer is not right!  When I do this, the expert student immediately works to find a way to communicate to help and teach, not just answer the teacher.  In doing so, that student often finds mistakes or advances there thinking.  

The student requesting help becomes a partner in the conversation and will, many times, work towards their own solution, using the peer as a springboard.

All of this teaching and learning - all while I am creating partnerships and keeping quiet!

  Classroom Experts
  Student Ownership: Classroom Experts
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Creating a Summer Review Packet (Day 2)

Unit 12: Review Activities
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to draw from their math knowledge gained in third grade to create a summer review packet for their peers

Big Idea: Students that can write their own story problems, and create math situations that require thought and perseverance to solve, are students that understand. This engaging activity reviews all of the third grade concepts and creates a review packet as well!

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Math, Fractions, Graphing, elapsed time, word problems, division, multiplication, area model, summer review, geometric attributes, perimeter, Summer
  45 minutes
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