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As we were closing the session today, one of the students asked what a 16 sided shape was called. I had no idea, be we looked it up on the computer as a class and realized it is called a hexadecagon.  I then asked the students to describe what that name made sense. Here is what happened. 

As situations like this arise, I always get excited.  Not that the name of a 16 sided shape was in my lesson objective, but the fact that students asked the question in order to determine a solution, reasoned why prefixes and suffixes help us make meaning in math, and that there was true interest, justifies my belief that "in the moment" teaching and curiosity is crucial to a learning community.  It took 3 minutes longer than I planned for the lesson, but the outcome was worth 30 minutes!

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Polygon Puzzle

Unit 11: Going Batty Over Measurement and Geometry
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to use their knowledge of different polygons to solve a riddle in their reflection journals.

Big Idea: Students need to spend time comparing and creating with polygons in order to better visualize their attributes. This lesson engages them in visualizing the attribute of sides.

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Math, Geometry, Measurement and Methods, problem solving, attributes, Polygons, sides, Writing in Math, shapes
  45 minutes
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