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Some students chose to write informal, paragraph proofs for this activity. They wrote out the information they needed with the whole reason for the statement. Until students are able to fully comprehend formal proofs and the protocols for writing them, I have students write out the proofs in a narrative form. This helps them learn how to explain their reasoning and to understand that evidence must be provided in order to say something is true. 

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Theorems about Angles of Parallelograms

Unit 9: Proofs about Parallelograms
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write proofs involving theorems about angles of parallelograms.

Big Idea: Students use parallel lines, linear pairs and supplementary angles to prove theorems about the angles of parallelograms.

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Math, Proofs, Geometry, angles, logic, quadrilaterals, reasoning and proof, properties of polgygons
  45 minutes
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