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Let me say again- my students LOVE these notebooks.  I think they like that the notebook has "all the answers for all the tests", but they also love the flexibility and novelty of right side activities.  Students learn in different ways and the Interactive Student Notebook allows me to touch on all those different learning modes.  What better way to reach students than through things they love to do.

I started using Interactive Student Notebooks last year and I saw such an explosion in the students' achievement that I decided to use them again this year with a few tweaks.  The most important thing to understand in using the notebooks is to remember that there is no "set" way to use them.  It is also important to remember to vary both your left side and right side activities.  

  Reflection: Some Pointers
  High Quality Task: Reflection: Some Pointers
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School Tool Box: Introducing the Interactive Student Notebook (left side- right side)

Unit 1: Introducing the Interactive Student Notebook
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT explain the difference between the left and right side activities in an Interactive Student Notebook.

Big Idea: The Interactive Student Notebook will be a "tool box" for students to refer to as well as a place to house and show their learning.

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