Reflection: Organizational Systems Reimagine the Constitutional Convention of 1787 - Section 2: Group work


To develop a student run classroom to foster independence and ownership, every Monday morning the announcers read the names and jobs for the week. Students worked in pairs and were assigned one of fourteen different (student created) classroom jobs.

After reading the jobs/names, the announcers read the morning announcements and  daily schedule from the powerpoint slide that I prepared before school.

  Organizational Systems: Student Run Classroom
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Reimagine the Constitutional Convention of 1787

Unit 9: Historical Fiction- American Revolution
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT learn the definitions for content specific vocabulary by talking with peers, researching online or using a dictionary.

Big Idea: Content Specific Vocabulary helps you think about and discuss ideas and events!

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constitutional convention painting by howard chandler
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