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This student did well in most of the categories on the rubric. However, she scored on 2 on content. The main idea was clear, but it needed more supporting details. The first paragraph discussed Elizabeth Blackwell’s early life, then it jumped to her becoming the first woman doctor. Something was missing.  I decided to check the student’s step book and written draft. Many details that led up to her becoming a doctor were omitted in the typed report! I questioned the student who admitted she did not have time to type all of the details. I decided to use the report she had written in her journal to assess on content because it was a true reflection of her ability. (There was not any more time allotted for us to use the computer lab, so I told her she could access the Google account from home. She had it typed the following day.)

  Essay Writing: Flexibility in Assessment
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Biography: Informative Essay Assessment

Unit 1: Biography Tea
Lesson 13 of 17

Objective: SWBAT write informative essay to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.

Big Idea: Students are assessed on their written informative essay about a famous person for the Biography Tea

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