Reflection: Conferences Peer Editing Narratives - Section 3: Peer Critique


I have a bit of a provocative title to this lesson reflection because I have yet to be fully satisfied with peer critiques among my 9th grade students (over 21 years of teaching ;-)  I think this is because there needs to be a stronger commitment to having students help each other in viable learning communities and toward the craft itself.  For now, I truncate it a bit, offering a short episode of 15 minutes for students to revise their work together, and I am hoping to expand their patience and tolerance for this kind of interaction over time.  As it was, the students did a good job of reading and appreciating each other's writing and inherent creativity, and I think the experience helped them to honor each other's work. 

  On the flawed nature of peer critique
  Conferences: On the flawed nature of peer critique
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Peer Editing Narratives

Unit 3: In My Mind's Eye: Writing Powerful Narration
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT edit their narratives by successfully engaging in a peer critique.

Big Idea: Coming in for a landing--peer editing can be just like getting coached from the control tower!

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