Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Paul Revere's Ride: Another Look - Section 1: VTS: Analyzing an Artist's Message


The purpose of this activity is to bring VTS to a new level.  I am curious what the students will notice about this painting as far as the choices Grant Wood made to depict a historical event.

I will have a few questions prepared to use only if necessary.  Such as, "Is this painting realistic?  What kind of art would you call it?  What do you notice about the perspective of the painting?  What is your eye drawn to first?  What do you notice about the scale of the objects in the painting?  How is the size of the objects important?  What do you think this might mean?  What do you think about the road?  Why?  What could this symbolize?

How does the time frame (1931) impact the artistic choices GW made in this painting?

I am super excited to see how kids interpret this painting. I think they will first off notice how simple and clean the painting is.  I'm not sure what they will attribute this to. I have many students who love to look for symbolism and I am expecting that they will talk about the role of the church in the lives of the colonists, both patriots and loyalists,  I think they will talk about the size of Paul Revere and that maybe Grant Wood was trying to say that it was a scary time for everyone during the eve of the revolution.  I'm sure someone will notice the lights shining from some windows and other windows being dark and I will push them to create a theory about why GW made this choice.

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Paul Revere's Ride: Another Look

Unit 9: Historical Fiction- American Revolution
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Objective: SWBAT analyze Grant Wood's depiction of Paul Revere's Ride.

Big Idea: Why do you think Grant Wood painted this picture the way he did?

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