Reflection: Intervention and Extension Important Events in Paul Revere's Life - Section 1: Strategy Lesson


I noticed that several students who had selected A Picture book of Raul Revere were not making very good progress during independent reading time.  I was them off task and chatting as they "partner read".  I came up with this activity to help them focus on a comprehension task as they were reading

Depending on the stamina of the students the time line activity can be made easier by reducing the amount of entries on it.  I would still require the students to tell why the particular event was important to push their thinking and to make connections between events in the book.  This could be done orally instead of requiring students to write down their thinking.

  Structuring Students' Reading
  Intervention and Extension: Structuring Students' Reading
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Important Events in Paul Revere's Life

Unit 9: Historical Fiction- American Revolution
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT select 5 dates from the Picture Book of Paul Revere and tell why they are important.

Big Idea: Determining Importance and Justifying Reasoning.

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