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I made this adjustment to my teaching based on my observations from last year.  Many of my students mixed up the plus sign and the equal sign.  They would put them in the wrong place when writing equations and could not answer when asked what the symbols meant.  The understanding of my students seemed to be limited to "a symbol needs to be put in between the numbers."  This year after spending a day on just the plus sign and spending most of today not just talking about where the equal sign goes but what it means, I feel like my students already have a better grasp on these two symbols than most of my students last year did at the end of the unit.

  Teaching Plus and Equal Seperately
  Adjustments to Practice: Teaching Plus and Equal Seperately
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Introducing the Equal Sign

Unit 8: Addition
Lesson 7 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to write an addition equation using the equal sign.

Big Idea: Students will learn the meaning of the equal sign. Students will practice putting the symbols in the correct place in addition equations.

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Math, addition, Critical Area
  55 minutes
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