Reflection: Subtraction in Context II - Section 3: Concept development


As seen in my reflection video, students did very well today using the phrase that pays. I am happy that I made the instructional decision to have students work independently and then talk with their learning partners.   Students who may have relied on their partner to do "the work" had to think through problems and persevere on their own before talking with their partner. 

I know the more I encourage and give students opportunities to discuss their math thinking, the better they will be at discussing their thinking.  I have some students who do very typical fourth grade things for this time of year.  For example, I have a pair that almost refuses to talk to each other and will hardly look at each other when they do talk.  I just keep encouraging them and give them starting questions if the phrase that pays isn't enough to get them going.  I might ask them if their answers are the same and if they can prove they used the same strategy?  This gives students an entry point to discuss which can't be answered with a yes or no response. Anther one of my students gets very embarrassed and red faced when having to explain her thinking. These sorts of things don't bother me, because from past experience, these are all very typical fourth grade reactions.  I am confident that by the end of the year, my math class talk will look and feel very different. I expect that the phrase that pays will become less of the focus and the "talk" will become more genuine and heartfelt by the students.  At this point, it is still something they view as an assignment they have to do.  I truly believe this will change as the develop into mathematical critical thinkers.

  New Phrase Paid
  New Phrase Paid
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Subtraction in Context II

Unit 3: Place Value
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to use the standard subtraction algorithm, and apply the algorithm to solve word problems while utilizing Math Practice Standard 3.

Big Idea: Students solve one step subtraction word problems while practicing skills to master Math Practice 3.

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