Reflection: Complex Tasks Writing To Sources-The Tail - Section 3: Guided/Independent Practice


WOW! I was way off in thinking that the students were ready.  I quickly realized I needed to model this form of writing and they needed to see examples! They really struggled with what this letter should look like or say! I had a gut feeling about this too, but thought they could use the push.  I was setting them up for failure though.  

It didn't take me long to pull the entire class back together and review what exactly a letter of recommendation was and why they are written.  Having this information and knowledge is essential. Then, we went through and did the first three steps together.  We discussed what skills are necessary for a baby-sitter to have, what skills Tasha had (using text evidence) and then drafted a letter together.  

Once we went through this once, they had it.  To better prepare for this lesson, have an example and even model or build one together first.  


  Complex Tasks: NOT READY!
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Writing To Sources-The Tail

Unit 9: BootCamp
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to produce a clear and coherent writing piece.

Big Idea: Students write a letter of recommendation for Tasha based on her experiences with her brother Junior.

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