Reflection: Complex Tasks Cherished Objects: Developing Figurative Language Inductively - Section 2: Student Model: a Story about a Rose


As I think about this story, I see that it is inspired by a story from a previous unit (link).  The story is called "Home Now," and although I think it's in the background of this student's essay, she reinvents the mood and literary quality of the story in her own way.  

Why I like this piece of writing:

1.) The cherished object accentuates the story but doesn't control it.  The object carries with it a nostalgic feel as the main character is still trying to process her father's passing way, and the writer includes a sensitive flashback in the opener.  

2.) The dialogue and minor characters are naturalistic.

3.) It's not perfect.  There are tense shifts and punctuation that need to be brushed up, but it's a rough draft, one that I'd like the students to aspire to write.  

4.) It's long.  The assignment calls for 2-5 pages, and this one is 7 pages, but I really like the development.  I would probably read it to the class without them seeing the number 7 on the page length because I know that this would unnecessarily plant the idea of writing a looong piece in the minds of students who are just grappling with the demands of the assignment.


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Cherished Objects: Developing Figurative Language Inductively

Unit 3: In My Mind's Eye: Writing Powerful Narration
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and explain how a cherished object can be used in a character sketch by selecting words with strongly connotative effects.

Big Idea: A rose can be a cherished object, a literary symbol, or both: story writing gets personal as students learn about figurative language by using it themselves.

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