Reflection: Gradual Release Close Reading For Conflict-Day 2 - Section 2: Independent Practice


The students are making great progress with this skill.  Annotating text is hard for them because they never know "what to annotate".  I have tried to model with them that it is basically your "thinking" about the text, but they are still unsure and too insecure to take that leap on their own.  

However, today, they all did a great job and took risks! I was very happy to see them using their annotations and even begin to naturally get into the flow of thinking about the text.  

The activity didn't take them as long as I thought it would and even my struggling learners cruised through some of the questions.  Because they had spent so much time annotating, answering the questions was easy! It was a great "teaching" moment and a good revelation for them to have! 


  Independent Work
  Gradual Release: Independent Work
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Close Reading For Conflict-Day 2

Unit 9: BootCamp
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT to utilize their annotations to analyze a text and demonstrate understanding.

Big Idea: Students see the usefulness in their annotations as they work to analyze the story and determine if conflict is always a bad thing.

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