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Working with vocabulary is always very unpredictable! You never know what prior knowledge and background the students are coming in with.  I was thinking that today's AO would not require too much time, but I quickly learned that they needed a lot of time to actually be able to use the words correctly in a sentence.  Even with the definitions, they had trouble formulating sentences that used the word in its correct form. 

I spent more time on this than I anticipated, but in the end I think it was beneficial to their understanding of the story.  

It goes to show how important vocabulary acquisition is for reading comprehension! 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Vocabulary
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Close Reading for Conflict

Unit 9: BootCamp
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to analyze a text for conflict using close reading strategies.

Big Idea: Is conflict always a bad thing? As students use their close reading strategies, they will determine whether or not conflict is always bad.

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