Reflection: Joy Vocabulary Games - Section 3: Vocabulary Game Demonstrations


In a previous reflection, I spoke of the sometimes delicate balance of moving through a lesson in a timely manner v. allowing your students the time to explore and create to their potential.

I found myself back in that place again today.  My first two classes were able to create games in the time frame I allowed them, and we then had a blast with their demonstrations, which included plenty of audience participation.  In fact, my neighbor teacher, who is off during one of those two periods, came over and played along with us.

My two afternoon classes, however, approached the assignment with the same eagerness, but were far more meticulous in their design and construction.  As I circulated the room and witnessed their works-in-progress, I realized simply that "You can't rush art" (Toy Story II).  Thus, game demonstrations for these two classes will have to spill into one of our very few remaining future lessons.

Does this throw off the balance, progression, planning, etc. of keeping my classes on the same track, at the same place, at the same pace?  Yes to all of the above.  However, if I manage to remember that this is a result of my students truly responding to one of my lessons, then I simply take a deep breath and make the adjustment.  

After all, isn't this the best reason to return to the drawing board?  

  You Can't Rush Art
  Joy: You Can't Rush Art
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Vocabulary Games

Unit 10: Travels with Charley
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: Working with the last 70 vocabulary words, SWBAT create original vocabulary games as a form of review for their final big vocabulary test.

Big Idea: I'd like to buy a vowel . . .

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