Reflection: ELL Students Arrays Focusing On Rows and Columns - Section 1: Warm-Up


Using the gestures was very helpful for students to focus on these vocabulary terms of rows and columns. However, I believe I should have had clear visual aides for some of my students just to clarify the difference of a row of chairs in a movie theater and a column on a building.  While challenging them with the listening to a word and using the correct gesture, the visual component would have made this easier for the students.  These visuals benefit all students including ELL and those students with limited rich life experiences to make the connection between real life items and their mathematical thinking. 

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Arrays Focusing On Rows and Columns

Unit 6: Multiplication 2
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT interpret products of whole numbers using arrays.

Big Idea: Students develop a meaning of multiplication through the use of arrays.

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Math, commutative property of multiplication, Critical Area, multiplication, multiplication and division facts, word problems, multiplication models, area model
  45 minutes
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