Reflection: Pre-Tests A Fun Way to Assess Grammar Concepts - Section 3: Independent Practice: Pre-test


The assessment was given this early in the school year so that planning could be done on how to effectively teach grammar to students based on their individual ability levels. Since this is the second year of Common Core Standards for students, it is important that I know where students are with grammar concepts prior to moving them to more complex concepts taught in 8th grade. The choice of a pretest allowed me to use a multiple choice test to aid students in successfully recalling grammar concepts learned in previous school years. From the data provided through these tests, days per week will be assigned to teach and reteach grammar concepts that students have yet to acquire as of the first week of school. Also, the student data will allow me to map out the length of time each new grammar concept will take prior to students mastering the concept in both verbal and written expression.

  Pre-test Reflection
  Pre-Tests: Pre-test Reflection
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A Fun Way to Assess Grammar Concepts

Unit 1: First Week of School
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Objective: SWBAT use prior knowledge to take a pretest of 8th grade grammar concepts learned this school year.

Big Idea: When In Doubt Recall Grammar Concepts To Figure It Out

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