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Throughout the year, I've asked students to respond to what they are reading or learning about. They are expected to synthesize information and form an opinion about it, as well as, be able to clearly state their opinion. They should be used to doing this by now. However, this time its a little different in that they are now responding to their own notes and larger ideas that stand out in their notes. They are not directly responding to an author, the text, or the way the author wrote the text. For some students, this seems harder to do. I try to remind them that they have already practiced this and learned this skill. They just have now add it to their writing so the reader knows what they feel and think about the information they have collected. 

  Didn't We Do This Before?
  Relevance: Didn't We Do This Before?
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Who's Writing This? Adding Voice

Unit 3: World Culture Research Project
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT include voice in their writing by stating their own opinion.

Big Idea: Students should have an opinion on what they are reading and they can include that in their writing so the reader has a sense of the author of the report.

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