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This lesson may seem very basic, but it is very necessary for my students.  Many of my students have no experience with addition and solving these kinds of problems.  Taking this middle step between doing it orally and looking at equations is essential.  The Common Core actually doesn't even require that students are able to write equations, so while I do spend quite a bit of time exposing the students to equations later in this unit, I really want to make sure that my students can listen to a problem and find the answer which is really at the core of meeting this standard.

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Solving Addition Number Stories- Writing the Answer Day 1

Unit 8: Addition
Lesson 4 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to solve addition word problems using objects and write a numeral for the solution.

Big Idea: In order to share the answer to a word problem, it is common practice to write a numeral as the solution to the problem. In this lesson, the students will keep practicing using manipulatives to solve addition word problems but will also write the answer.

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addition word problem writing anwer day 1
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