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It is really difficult to look at information and decide which information is important to write down. This is especially hard for beginning researchers. Grade level nonfiction texts are organized in a very straight forward way and sometimes students expect to find answers to their own research questions in an as straight forward way as the books they read. However, often times, the information does show up as clearly or directly. Students can easily get frustrated and lose motivation. 

Its important to help them put the challenge of research in context and to give them a way to be successful. I explain to them that is okay if some of our questions are not answered. Instead they can look for the answers to their questions while paying attention to other interesting information that doesn't totally answer their questions but does connect to their main topic. Then they can write that information down on a separate page. 

  I Can't Find It! Researching is Hard
  Perseverance: I Can't Find It! Researching is Hard
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Answering Questions: Taking Notes on Research

Unit 3: World Culture Research Project
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT record notes from research question.

Big Idea: Now that students have a place to start, they begin taking notes on their topic.

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