Reflection: Flexibility Solving Subtraction Number Stories- Under the Sea - Section 2: Presentation of Lesson


I needed to leave the room unexpectedly during this lesson.  Another staff member came in to take over the lesson.  The person is very knowledgeable about teaching math, but her experiences are mostly with older students.  The students had their mats and cubes and we had done the first few problems.  Since I had to make a quick exit, I simply said, "Just make up some subtraction word problems for the students to solve."  When I returned, the students were writing equations!  It was not quite where I was planning to go, but I just said, "Wow looks like you are going to know what to do when we get to our lesson on writing subtraction equations."  I then did two more word problems with the students and cleaned up.  The students were fine with the change and went back to what we were doing before I stepped out.  Unfortunately this wasn't the first time that I had to hand a lesson over to someone else, and I am proud of how flexible my students are getting when things like this come up.

  Unexpected Changes
  Flexibility: Unexpected Changes
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Solving Subtraction Number Stories- Under the Sea

Unit 7: Subtraction
Lesson 3 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to solve subtraction word problems using objects.

Big Idea: When introducing subtraction, students can become easily overwhelmed with numbers and symbols. In this lesson, students will learn using cubes to solve subtraction word problems related to under the sea.

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