Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Can I Ask You a Question? Peers Support to Develop Guiding Questions - Section 2: Main Activity and Closure


Students had a substantial amount of subtopics and seemed engaged in the previous days activity. I was surprised to find that they had difficulty coming up with questions to answer or focus their research on. When I asked students to explain why they found it difficult to come up with questions, they said that they already knew the answers to the questions they were thinking of. I challenged them to think of questions their readers would be wondering. They also said that they couldn't because if they know the answers, why wouldn't their readers know them, too?

Therefore, I decided to add this lesson and show them that their readers (peers) actually do have a lot of questions and a lot that they don't know. Not only did they get more questions to help them research but they realized that their readers may actually have very little knowledge or experience compare to them regarding their topic.

  Let's Try that Again
  Adjustments to Practice: Let's Try that Again
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Can I Ask You a Question? Peers Support to Develop Guiding Questions

Unit 3: World Culture Research Project
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT provide questions based on their peers' subtopics.

Big Idea: Students develop their skill of thinking about the reader by coming up with questions for a subtopic not their own while simultaneously supporting their peers.

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