Reflection: Complex Tasks Let's Sum it Up! Summarizing Nonfiction Text Day 2 - Section 3: Independent Practice


I'm glad I chose this text today. The students did struggle a bit, but the opportunity for discussion about the multiple structures was really important. We spent way more time here than I wanted to, but it was necessary. If the students aren't getting this, they're missing this whole part of the standard. I know there are a lot of opposing views of the Common Core standards, but the fact is, these are truly essential skills. I read deeper because of the skills I need to teach the kids, and when thinking about my own thinking when I'm modeling for them, I quickly realize, I've been doing this all long as a good reader, but if I'm not showing the kids how to do this, they'll never go beyond the surface of the text. 

  Complex Text
  Complex Tasks: Complex Text
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Let's Sum it Up! Summarizing Nonfiction Text Day 2

Unit 3: Tearing Into Informational Text Part II
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT extend using summary frames to summarize a text with multiple structures

Big Idea: What do we do when a text has more than one structure? Summary frames can be modified to help us write a thorough summary.

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