Reflection: Complex Tasks In My Mind's Eye: Descriptive Writing Lesson - Section 3: Writing with Detail: a sample for discussion


I am going after a complex task in this unit as well as highly-charged affective domain, so I used this lesson segment to see if the students were tracking with me.  I was gratified to see that they correctly identified the second excerpt as being at least somewhat better.  Some even allowed that the writings were both a little bit cheesy, which is true.  However, this episode gave use a chance to firm up what we are going for, which is strong descriptive technique (W.9-10.3b) so that our lived experiences can be recreated for the reader--even more challenging, so that fictional/imagined experiences can be re-created for the reader. 

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In My Mind's Eye: Descriptive Writing Lesson

Unit 3: In My Mind's Eye: Writing Powerful Narration
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT begin narrative writing by writing effective description.

Big Idea: Writing stories is as old as dust: we join our human history when we write narratives!

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English / Language Arts, description, description (Creative Writing), Writing, Writing Process, identity, narration, fist of fire, Metaphor, writer's identity, who are you?
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