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This is an assignment that is complex in its simplicity, in that it allows my students to demonstrate the inference-making skills they have been honing all year--and which have become second nature to many of them--while at the same time works with what could be considered a complex text for eighth grade.

It was truly gratifying to turn the reading of Travels With Charley over to my students today, after having started the book as a whole group.  They read and worked in their small groups with ease, with a certain confidence of knowing their writer, which I attribute to the time we spent identifying Steinbeck's voice, tone, and mood throughout Part One.  As evidenced by the student responses, they were very capable of handling the text on their own. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: I Like This Assignment
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Let The Journey Begin

Unit 10: Travels with Charley
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Objective: SWBAT begin reading Part Two of Travels With Charley in small reading groups, using evidence from the text to support how Steinbeck views four key topics.

Big Idea: And they're off! Steinbeck, Charley, and my students hit the road.

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