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My students LOVE these notebooks!!  Adding the Smartboard presentation was something new for me this year and I think it added a whole new dimension as it explicitly teaches the parts of the notebook.  In other years of using the notebooks, I have had to explain and re-explain left side/ right side and unit pages.  I think adding the explicit teaching clarified the what and the why of using Interactive Student Notebooks.  

The other aspect I added this year was allowing the students to draw and color images on the Title Page that represented them.  Having the students draw pictures that mean something to them and represent them in some way fosters a bond of sorts with their notebook and encourages them to take care of it and value it.

  Reflection: A New Approach to the Interactive Student Notebook
  Adjustments to Practice: Reflection: A New Approach to the Interactive Student Notebook
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School Tool Box: Using the Interactive Student Notebook (title and unit pages)

Unit 1: Introducing the Interactive Student Notebook
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT explain the parts (title page and unit page) of the Interactive Student Notebook.

Big Idea: The Interactive Student Notebook will be a "tool box" for students to refer to as well as a place house and show their learning.

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