Reflection: Joy The ABCs of Charlotte's Web - Section 4: Writing the Alphabet Book


I wanted to celebrate and bring closure to our reading of Charlotte's Web. I feel I made the right decision given the enthusiasm my students showed in creating their sentences around the letter they chose. My students had much fun reading their work to each other. They had fun illustrating what they could.

Some of the work did not get finished because this task took place close to the end year and our school activities kept us busy in the afternoons, keeping them from finishing the illustrations.

Note: Illustrating the page took more than one sitting and some students needed encouragement to do a good job. They were tired and that was due to the end of year activities too.

Let's look at how their sentences came to be:

In the writing the letter X, X is for Ax, I let the student use the word ax. How can I not? It's the question that starts the grand journey. All the other students needed to find words that started with the letter. 

Next, in the writing piece, E is for Eggs, this writer chose this letter because that is the first letter of her name. I did have to give her guidance to elaborate her sentence. She had written only, "The goose lays eight eggs." So in sitting with her I asked her what happened to these eggs and thus the added details.

In the writing piece, L is for Lurvy, the student chooses to write about Lurvy throwing water on Wilbur. In order to expand the sentence, I asked these student why Lurvy did it.

Last, the writing piece Z is for Mr. Zuckerman, the first Zuckerman is misspelled. My spell check didn't catch it and neither did the kids or I until recently. I needed to help her with adding to her sentence. In all these sentences, I worked to keep the voices of the students intact as much as possible. I would definitely do this assignment again!

  Joy: Writing The Alphabet Book
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The ABCs of Charlotte's Web

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Lesson 27 of 27

Objective: SWBAT use their understanding of key details in a text to respond in writing about an event and/or character using a letter of the alphabet to compose an alphabet book.

Big Idea: If C is for Charlotte, and D is for Dr. Dorian ... I wonder what X will be.

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