Reflection: Data Analysis The Structure of "Just Walk On By" - Section 3: Small Groups Present to the Rest of the Class


One thing that was very clear to me as I listened to students present is that when my students struggle to discuss a text, they default to paraphrasing or quoting verbatim. Clearly, I need to create more opportunities where they get more support as they try and verbalize the effect of an author's words. However, they do have a good eye for selecting powerful language, which is a good starting point. In future lessons, I need to give them samples of effective analysis.

  On the work students presented in small groups
  Data Analysis: On the work students presented in small groups
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The Structure of "Just Walk On By"

Unit 6: Exploring Identity
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Objective: SWBAT delineate the structure and effectiveness of an author's argument by collaborating to chart a text's structure and present their findings to the rest of the class.

Big Idea: Studying the structure of effective arguments will help us structure our own.

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