Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines A Warm Wind - Section 4: Writing Response


How did my students do with their responses? Let's look at some examples. In the writing piece, Writing Response 1, the writer gives some reasonable examples of why Wilbur changes his mind about Charlotte. Some reasons we already know like the fact that Charlotte saves his life. It is interesting he states that Wilbur thought Charlotte might wrap him for a meal too. Who knows, maybe in the naive mind of Wilbur this could be a possibility. Also, he touches upon that Charlotte plays with Wilbur. I wished for him to elaborate on this.

Next, in the writing piece, Writing Response 5, the writer lists the words Charlotte wrote on her web to save him and states how Charlotte has been his friend. Again, I wish for him to elaborate.

Then, in the writing piece, Writing Response 8, the writer is more thoughtful in giving reasons for Wilbur changing his mind about Charlotte. Yes, it is important that Charlotte saved his life, but also that Charlotte was a true friend because she sang lullabies to him. This was just as vital in their friendship. Additionally, the student writes about how Charlotte saves his life by getting killed. Maybe she is alluding to the fact that Charlotte didn't really have the energy to go off to the fair, but she went anyway probably accelerating her death given the energy it took for her to go.

Lastly, in the writing piece, Writing Response 7, the writing is simple and doesn't answer the questions. Instead she writes about how Wilbur promises to take care of her babies, which shows a change for Wilbur since now he gets to be the caretaker.

In giving my students these type of tasks, I seek to engage them in critical thinking, and this critical thinking to be expressed appropriately needs time to develop. This is the beginning. And, like with the other skills, students are in different cognitive states. While the students need more practice, I am pleased with what is emerging.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Responding To Wilbur's Transformation
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A Warm Wind

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Lesson 26 of 27

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about key details in a literary text. SWBAT identify how characters change and grow throughout a story based on their understanding of key details.

Big Idea: Change is in the air. Spring brings new friends to Wilbur and it's a gift that keeps on giving.

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