Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Suspicious Readers - Section 2: Instruction


The energy in the room during this activity was HIGH! The students really bought into this topic and had a lot to say! They were able to quickly generate ideas and lists and almost all students had something to add/say.  

We were really able to talk about bias and perspective with this activity due to the emotional attachments they brought into the lesson and activity.  I had to remind students to keep their emotions and biases out of the activity.  This was very hard for them to do and gave them an appreciation for how hard objective writing can be! 

The students worked very well together and it was a great idea to group them for this activity.  They were able to generate much more and assist each other with the activity.  It was also a great way to build some "team" connections! Bonus for me! 

  Group Work
  Intrinsic Motivation: Group Work
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Suspicious Readers

Unit 2: Unit 1: Part II- Analyzing Text
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze informational text to compare perspectives and identify point of view.

Big Idea: Students dig deep into informational text to compare the accounts of the same event. How can one's perspective shape our personal beliefs?

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