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As teachers, we know to plan more than you need, but sometimes you have to know when to pull back.  Unfortunately, most of the time our reflection of practice happens right in the midst of what we are doing.

When I planned this lesson originally, I included six stories and six themes.  After implementing that with my first class, I realized that due to the movement in the classroom -which is the unique part of this lesson - it took more time than planned and seem rushed.  As a result, I eliminated two of the stories and two themes.  This made the activity much more concise and gave us time for more quality in our debrief.  

Having high expectations shouldn't mean setting impossible goals. It took me a while, as a teacher, to realize this and accept that understanding the concept is what is important.  Therefore, in this case four is just as good as six.


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Theme -Lesson 1 of Cinder Book Four

Unit 5: Literary Reading - "Sooner or later, everything old is new again." Part 4
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze the the universal nature of the theme in stories.

Big Idea: There is no "I" in theme.

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