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Having been observed countless times in my teaching career, the best trick I have learned  to apply in these situations is to forget that someone else is in the room.  Granted, this may take time, but here's how I've learned to apply the skill:  I have accepted the fact that no official observer is solely there to to put exclamation points on all the wonderful things he/she may witness in a lesson, and while some exclamation pointing may occur, there will certainly be something imperfect that the observer will witness.  After all, isn't this the observer's job?  

Surely, at some point, a student will put a head on a desk.  Surely, a student will blurt something out without raising a hand.  Surely, a student will have to go to the bathroom, will ask a question completely off-topic . . . the classroom phone will ring . . . you get the picture.

I have learned to be myself during an observation, and I allow my students to be themselves during my observations as well.  Observations, too, are imperfect.  What should be evident, however, is a teacher who enjoys what she is doing, and students who are comfortable and confident in their learning environment.

I take all observations with a grain of salt, never dismissing them entirely, but trusting as much in my own willingness to continually self-reflect as a teacher.

  When Company Comes
  Routines and Procedures: When Company Comes
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Life Doesn't Frighten Steinbeck

Unit 10: Travels with Charley
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: With inspiration from the late Maya Angelou, SWBAT continue reading Travels With Charley and determine Steinbeck's motivation behind a key scene.

Big Idea: Is a hurricane just a hurricane?

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