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I do believe that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to reading!  However, I do like spending about 30 minutes of our 90 minute reading block using a shared text.  All of my students have a copy of this shared text.  This provides an opportunity to experience a mentor text together, learn and apply the standards, have great discussions, and have common texts to refer to when comparing and contrasting.  It also helps build our classroom community.  Beyond our shared reading time, my students have many opportunities to read and practice books at their instructional and independent levels.  I always keep in mind too, that when my third graders will take our state testing, they'll be assessed on common, grade level material. 

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  Gradual Release: Shared Reading
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Kenny & the Dragon Day One: Introduction & Chapter 1

Unit 6: Ancient Greece, Dragons, Gods, and Giants!
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Objective: SWBAT read grade level literature, and write an abridged summary for each chapter showing comprehension of the most important events, character, and summary information in a novel. SWBAT create an engaging audio recording and visual display of one of their abridged summaries.

Big Idea: Read literature, write abridged summaries, and answer comprehension questions

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English / Language Arts, novel, third grade, comprehension, summary, rubric, illustration, audio recording, Kenny & the Dragon, Kenny and the Dragon, abridged summary, books, grammar, technology, Camtasia
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