Reflection: Lesson Planning Fundraiser Math: Solving for Individual Item Cost - Section 2: Calculating the Cost & Sale Price for Fundraiser Items


These two lessons, Solving for Individual Item Cost and Pickles for a Profit have a lot in common, as they should.  Thinking about item cost and profit versus cost and extremely important life skills, and part of growing up to be a wise consumer.  I think of the classic example of a family shopping for snacks at a convenience store as opposed to a supermarket.  It seems like something so small that it's not on the radar of most people who do this, yet in just a week a family could pay double what they would have in a supermarket.  Small choices can have a big effect, and starting to think about concepts such as item cost can help students make more informed consumer choices as adults.  The underlying math in this lesson,  involving practice with all four operations and a lot of thinking about which operations to use when and how to setup the problems themselves, is well-worth spending two days on!

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Fundraiser Math: Solving for Individual Item Cost

Unit 15: Solving Mult-Step Word Problems Using the Four Operations
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use division and repeated subtraction strategies to determine the cost of snack items purchased in bulk.

Big Idea: Real world application and real world items make complex tasks engaging!

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