Reflection: Intervention and Extension Finding Fugui: Establishing a Basic Understanding of To Live - Section 2: Character Mapping Activity


I absolutely love using visualization activities to help students monitor their comprehension. This particular activity worked really well today for a couple of reasons.

First, it allowed students to review what we have read so far and to solidify their comprehension of the major plot points in the story. Second, it helped me to have the chance to do some coaching/work with the students after being gone for a few days. As they worked, I circulated around the room to ask them questions about Fugui's character and to verbally check in on their comprehension of the novel. As I did this, I was able to steer them away from insignificant plot points and towards the things that will matter later in the novel. Most of them were doing this already on their own, but it was good to be able to intervene for students who are lost (or behind in their reading) and also to push students who are reading ahead.

I like doing activities like this because it allows for that individualization that is often hard to do when teaching a class of 60 students.

  The Power of Visualizing Text
  Intervention and Extension: The Power of Visualizing Text
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Finding Fugui: Establishing a Basic Understanding of To Live

Unit 17: Literary Texts: Analyzing Modern Conflict
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT determine a central idea of To Live and analyze how it is used to develop character and theme by creating visualizations of key characters, themes, setting and plot.

Big Idea: Taking a step back to the basic analytical tools for literature and spending a day analyzing how characters, setting and plot work together to develop themes in To Live.

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