Reflection: Lesson Planning Summarizing the Topic, Main Idea, and Details - Section 4: Independent Practice


I have taught this lesson several times, however, this is the first time I taught it like this where my students only worked with and wrote about one season.  It certainly made it easier my students to identify what the topic, main idea, and details were for one season, compared to four. 

It was also much easier for my students to only write about one season instead of four.  Using the graphic organizer helped my students with the organization of their journal writing, as well as kept them focused on what they needed to do in order to complete the assignment without ‘bird walking’ or straying from the main idea.

  Using the Graphic Organizer for Writing
  Lesson Planning: Using the Graphic Organizer for Writing
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Summarizing the Topic, Main Idea, and Details

Unit 9: Topic, Main Idea, Details
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT write a short summary about their favorite season based on the topic, main idea, and details from the text sections they read.

Big Idea: Your students will realize their journals practically write themselves when they use the information from their graphic organizer!

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