Reflection: Intervention and Extension Reading the Topic, Main Idea, and Details - Section 2: Introduction


I noted that students who already had a strong reading background pick up on the concept of topic, main idea, and details faster than students who do not have this advantage.  In this basically introductory unit, the primary text in this lesson makes it fairly easy for students to identify the topic, main idea, and details.  However, for my beginning readers it was still a challenge and I spent extra time with them.

Students at the other end of the spectrum also need extra attention when planning to differentiate their lessons.  There are many grade appropriate books about seasons, that are richer texts and that can be read independently by proficient students and still be used for this lesson.

Giving proficient readers richer texts would keep them engaged longer, stave off boredom, and maybe even encourage them to add more detail to their journals, or do independent research on the computer.

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Reading the Topic, Main Idea, and Details

Unit 9: Topic, Main Idea, Details
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify the topic, main idea, and details of an informational text.

Big Idea: In this activity your students will get practice with main idea using a text on their favorite season!

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