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It is important to keep your expectations high when teaching mathematics (or any subject). Getting kinders to recognize a shape is just not enough. They need to be able to explain and describe the shape with a reasonable amount of mathematical understanding. They should know what makes a hexagon a hexagon. It's not just what it looks like, but also it's attributes. I expect every student in my room to be able to tell me that a hexagon has six sides and six angles. I also expect them to be able to tell me that a hexagon is a closed shape.

  Keeping it real and mathematical
  High Expectations: Keeping it real and mathematical
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There's Six Sides To This Story - It's a Hexagon!

Unit 8: Know Those Shapes!
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Objective: SWBAT identify and describe a square by it's attributes.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners love to identify shapes in their environment. In order effectively do that, they must be able to recognize different shapes by their specific attributes. In this lesson kindergartners learn about the attributes of a square.

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