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This lesson is an introduction to my Nursery Rhyme Unit. I like to use nursery rhymes in different ways to meet the standards for Language Arts.  There are so many reasons to teach children nursery rhymes and I wanted to create lessons that would incorporate the rhymes with the Common Core.  Shift number one of the Common Core Standards supports the instruction of poetry.  This method takes advantage of how the brain learns best by being meaningful, memorable, and multisensory.  Nursery rhymes are can be part of active and imaginative teaching, and the children love to learn from something that they are familiar with.  

  An Introduction to Poetry
  Standards Alignment: An Introduction to Poetry
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Meet Mother Goose

Unit 3: Nursery Rhymes Revisited
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Objective: SWBAT recognize nursery rhymes as one type of text and retell through acting out the events of the rhyme. Student Objective: I can pretend to be nursery rhyme characters and say the rhymes.

Big Idea: Nursery Rhymes invite movement and dramatic interpretation while being retold..

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