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Getting young children to subtract out of context is the goal. Solving standard subtraction algorithms to 10 independently is what we want them to be able to do independently. This activity takes them to that level. Connecting to past learning, such as solving through stories, is a great way to bridge the gap. It helps to ask them to create a story in their mind using the numbers in the number sentence before solving it so they remember the steps they need to take.

  Making it more abstract
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Making it more abstract
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Draw it. Draw it. Solve it!

Unit 7: Take it Away! (all about subtraction)
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT solve subtraction problems by creating representations.

Big Idea: Young children need ample time to practice their subtraction skills. Activities like this one reinforce what they have learned so they can become autonomous at it.

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